Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What An Iconic Goodbye Photo


It was so beautiful, to be together, at the memorial for my auntie.
I took this iconic pic of my cousin sending her ashes back the to the great beyond. 

Friday, September 20, 2019

PSTEC Click Tracks 2015

PSTEC Click Tracks 2015

Tim Phizackerley has done more good for people with limiting beliefs (And more easily) than anyone I know.  If you know anyone who struggles, the PStec click tracks are truly miraculous.

Audio to hear
If you'd like to listen to a podcast, you can access that here and press the big blue button.

Great explanation of the new click tracks.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Emotional Freedom Techniques Video

Here is another Incredible Universal Healing Tool.  EFT, developed by Gary Craig and this video provides  a great explanation of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

 If you feel like you've tried just about everything and not much has helped, give EFT a try.

You will be amazed as EFT neurologically separates memory from emotion!

The following are just a few names of Great Practitioners in the EFT field:

Carol Look
Patirica Carrington
Steve Wells

Prosperity Place and the True Meaning of Money

Have you heard of Joan Sotkin?  She is such a great mentor, I can't say enough good things about her.  

Joan Sotkin is so straight forward and easy to understand.  If you
It's never really about $$
have never heard her speak, this is a great podcast to listen to. She has excellent tools, podcasts, and materials that can work wonders in figuring out Money Struggles and the emotions attached to them.

Joan has some excellent tools that she uses that work really well. Definitely check out her materials if you haven't already. Click here for Joan's resource page, and to listen to her podcast on It's Never About Money 

I have followed Joan for years and consider her one of my true heroes.  In fact, I ordered 10 of her Build Your Money Muscles book to give to friends and students it was so good, and I got familiar with several of her techniques, like Be Set Free Fast.

At that time I was trying a lot of different tool sets and found I could do more comprehensive clearing (for ME) if I stuck to the tools I was already familiar with.  So I decided to stick with what was working for me and that was the PSTEC tools.

So by all means, check out Joan and her materials, but if you're curious about the Pstec stuff, here are a few links below.

If you don't have any of the PSTEC Suite, and you would like to download the free PSTEC tools go here.
If you would like the PSTEC Accelerators Click Here 
To change your Negative Beliefs Go Here
And for PSTEC Positive +++Click Here+++

PSTec in Action - Great info here

This Post Covers A LOT of Information!

Please download all the great free materials including the
Basic Clicktrack

Another great Freebie is Embracing Change which helps you feel better about change in general. This is a gentle audio that simply changes your perspective about change.

You wont find a better tool for Self Care anywhere.


Free Download of the Basic PSTEC Clicktracks 

PSTec is the most powerful, most effective, inexpensive "personal therapist"
I have ever had ~ it's just You & The Clicktracks and NO $$!

I like PSTEC because it's more effective than ANYthing I've seen in the last 25 years of diligent searching, It's easy & I can do it lying down.

How PsTeC Works this is a great article you can read at your leisure.

So when you have anything crummy thing happen grab your Free PSTec

Focus on The Feeling and watch how PSTec knocks out the emotions.

Definitely have a glass of water nearby and if you have an emotional issue, give yourself the privacy you need to honor how you've been feeling and get ready to feel loads better after just a few minutes of listening, tapping, and feeling.

Now I'm the kind of person who obsesses a bit so I want to get it ALLLLL out of me, so I start tracking back from the feeling to why, when, where, & what.

So for me, I would go to The Awesome PSTEC 2015  & use The Wrapper to bundle multiple thoughts & emotions, and do another clearing.

Get up and move around.  This modality is powerful (this link takes you to listen to people who have had success with pstec).  Learning to care for oneself includes not doing too much of a good thing, all at once, Right? Right!

Now I want to get down to the Beliefs that got me started down this path.  Follow the feeling back to the root. So put on the Negative Belief Eraser and tear up those limiting beliefs!  

Once you've done that you will feel so changed, you'll hardly recognize what the problem was in the first place.  But I would finish the job with pSTEc Positive, which anchors in the new beliefs you want to replace. "That Old Rubbish" is no longer in there.  But the mind needs something to chew on, so put in the positive beliefs with PStEC Positive.

 I love  all the great programs Tim Phizackerley has created and have used many of them.  It is always so exciting when Tim puts out something new.

Now that you have walked through this experience with me, you can see there is a very direct path to ridding oneself of unwelcome thoughts and emotions.  It can be daunting to try and take all this on when one is down in the thick of it.

So if you want any help, you can either pick a piece or a package; The Miracles Program being the best bang for your buck!

I would love some feedback if you found this helpful. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Important to Remember

Be Aware and Be Prepared

If you are going to be working on issues, with any modality - Meridian therapies like EFT, TAT, Chakra work, Logosynthesis; Talk therapies, Deep Tissue Massage, Healing Body Work or PSTec, you should be prepared for some potentially strong emotional release.

Basic Guidelines 

It is important to honor yourself with a few basic guidelines, especially if you are doing this type of work on your own.  Make certain you are in a place that feels safe.  Give yourself adequate privacy.  Come prepared with tissues, comfortable clothing, sufficient time and a willingness to stick with the process.  Even if you are skeptical of the modality you are using.  If you are going to try it, you should take it seriously enough to give it your attention otherwise, don't waste your time.  If you do give it a shoddy attempt and don't get the results you want, guess whose going to be bad mouthing that technique...

Self Work

If you are interested in doing self work, give yourself the benefit of using your chosen technique several times before you put it away.  If the issue you are working on is a big issue, it is always suggested that you work with someone experienced in healing.

There are so many fantastic people already trained in every technique on the planet, and the internet is the perfect place to get good, free information any time, day or night.  Someone is always offering something and if you are inexperienced and want a guide to help you navigate something tricky, scary, difficult, weird, or just plain uncomfortable, just ask.  There's a lot of people out there that are really willing to help.  Remember, whenever anyone gets better, we all reap the benefits from it.

Some Awesome Healers

If you don't know anyone, here are the names of some awesome healers that have great material to check out, much of it at no cost:

*Carol Look,  Master of EFT  (I love her)
Willem Lammers,  Founder of Logosynthesis  (Bilingual)
Joan Sotkin,  Prosperity Coach  (Fantastic)
Tim Phizackerley, Founder of PSTec  (Saved his wife's life)
Mary Robinson Reynolds,  Mastermind Maven  (Very Inspirational)
And myself, Coach Joy Winning,  Certified Practitionerof PSTec, EFT & Healthy Chocolates. 

I have used all of these techniques, and found many of them incredibly valuable.  My greatest love is the PSTec because it is so fast, it works so deeply, and it has been more effective, for me, than all the other healing modalities I've learned in the last 22 years. 

My goal is to become the Carol Look of PSTec in the years to come, but more important than me is the sharing of this great work.  And if I can do anything to help people learn about this great tool, then I will have done a very good thing.

My thanks to all the excellent, highly dedicated healers out there who truly want to serve you with their skills.  Put them to good use and take advantage of all the gifts they offer.  But no matter who you choose to follow, make sure you are prepared..

Healing Can Be Real Work

So if you enter the arena ill prepared, several things will occur: 
First, you won't get your money's worth if your inner self doesn't feel safe with "you" and your approach.
Second, you may dig up something you're not prepared to deal with on your own, especially if you don't give yourself enough privacy, time, and gentle attention.
And finally, you may turn to other forms of self medicating if you don't get down to the bottom of the issue.

Important to Remember

You're on a journey.  You don't have to go it alone, there are many helpers along the path, much of the information out there is free, and you can easily find someone to help you get through the tough spots if you are simply willing to ask.  Be gentle with yourself, especially if you are healing something frightening or an old wound.  You're probably doing the best with what you were given and time and the tools you choose may be much more important elements than you might have realized.

When you are young the external world is the most important.  As we age we come to understand that the internal world is really the only one that actually matters, for at some point you may see that the external world is simply a construct being played out of what is going on within our hearts, minds and imagination.

When we heal the internal, the external can't help but improve.

Thanks, Coach Joy Winning
Certified PSTec Practitioner

PSTec has a New Positive Tool

PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo

Is this the tool you've been waiting for? 

When you've cleaned up your mind and gotten rid of all the negative garbage, you want a tool to repopulate the mind with better thoughts and feelings.

Here is the tool you need to wrap it all up and be done with those old thoughts, feelings, and emotions and move into your new life without all the tapping, reading, or writing.

Check Out the free audio today and listen to to see if this is right for you.

If you're serious about having a complete set of PSTEC tools to revitalize your internal world, this is the latest fabulous addition to complete the process.

Let PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo create the impact you deserve so you can re-frame old memories and enjoy life much more during these turbulent times. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Therapist Alert - Impressive PTSD Tools

Medical UV Light Projection System If you are a Counselor or do Therapy - Please look below! 

If you have clients who suffer from PTSD
Here is an alternative power tool that few are taking advantage of - PSTEC for PTSD.

Bumpy Ride
Honestly, if you haven't heard of PSTEC, you are working with old technology!

PSTec is a brilliant modality that can dramatically power up Your Practice with a highly effective, elegantly simple percussive suggestive technique.

Check it! Real or illusion?

So stop making Your Clients relive their traumas. 
You can give them a new future and erase their dreadful suffering with Percussive Suggestive Technique & for the 
paltry price of just $37, 
(less than any training you'll find!)
it may seem too inexpensive to be taken seriously. The science is too well documented to be dismissed.

This particular track is NOT suited for self-users 
It is to be used with a qualified therapist. 

The reason this tutorial is NOT suited for self help users is, this tutorial shows therapists how to build correct belief sets for individuals who suffer from Post Traumatic Distress Syndrome.  

This is an interactive therapist's tool

Tim Phizackerley, creator of Percussive Suggestive Technique, Pstec, will walk you through this tool, detailing precisely how he works with PTSD clients and presents the best way to approach these debilitating situations.

There is an abundance of detailed content in this tutorial and Tim delves into alternative and highly effective ways to help clients be successful with this very real and prevalent condition.
** It is important to know that this product builds upon prior knowledge of PSTEC level 1,  advanced, Accelerators and Cascade Release.  

So if you are new to PSTEC, please click on any of the links to be taken to the PSTEC website.
This PSTD  is a stand alone that package contains 3 audios: Introduction, tutorials,
and a PSTD loop track for use with clients.
If you are looking for ways to expand your practice and intensify your effectiveness, look no further than these amazing tools at a price even a baby could swallow.  
Order the PSTEC for PTSD tools today for only $37!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

25% off PSTEC products

Happy Holidays from the Whole
 PSTEC Family!

The entire PSTEC Family hopes you enjoy peaceful holidays, of course, but let's get real, there are a lot of holidays that are NOT exactly Hallmark-style.  
So here is another opportunity for you to use INEXPENSIVE, Highly Effective PSTEC Tools and get a 25% discount in the process. 
Click for a special freebie
We all want to make sure you know we recognize the work you're doing in your personal development and those of us who love PSTEC want you to have the benefit of ongoing low prices to help encourage you to add to your growing toolbox.

Click Here to See the Many PSTEC Freebies and Gifts Available to You!

This discount coupon will expire 12/31/2018 so don't let it pass you by.  Take action and start the 2019 with the tools you need to make it an actual "Happy New Year"

Donna Eden and Her Great Energy Work

Have you heard of Donna Eden

She is an energy healer that has proven herself and the efficacy of her techniques.  She has been written about in
Psychology Today and is a master of fun and effective tools to help you get yourself to feeling better is only 5 minutes a day.

Donna has many videos on You Tube and provides so much free information I really wanted to introduce you to her and her wonderful work.  

She gets a 5 star rating for her Energy Medicine Kit which you can access below.  

I am not affiliated in any way ...just sayin'


Simple, Effective Techniques to Help You Boost Your Vitality and Feel Better Now

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Simple Destress Tools Here for a Better Holiday

PSTEC has a whole host of tools available to help you feel so much better!

Here is an email I received from Jeff (pstec master), a few days ago.

Dear Family and friends, 

I know that you may be tired of hearing the greeting, "Happy Holidays!"
Heck, I could swear that I saw Christmas stuff showing up in the stores in August...
that was four months ago!


So, sure, it can be overdone but I may be able to give you a genuine reason to feel happy.


Tim sent out an email a couple weeks ago about many of the free packages
at PSTEC to remind you that value can be had at no charge when you visit
the PSTEC sites.

Well, I found a couple other free packages that were left off that list:
  • Stress Be Gone … also known as How to Beat Holiday Stress!
    This 3 part tutorial shows you how to use the PSTEC Tools to reduce and even eliminate holiday stress.
  • Embracing Change is a package providing hints to your mind… your subconscious … that change
    s good… beneficial … in your best interests.
So, those two additional ones are no charge to you.
Did I see you smile just a little bit?

Are you thirsty for more?

You will find they've added a 25% discount onto many of the greatest tools Pstec Essential Packages
and Tools.  Add to your PSTEC Toolbox and save through the end of the year by
clicking here...Happyholidays Stress Release


PS The free packages you find on this page will always be free.  We just wanted to
be sure you were aware of them and could download them if you missed them.

The discount coupon will expire on December 31st, so use that coupon
before it expires.  You will find the details on this page...
You will find an online discount coupon for several PSTEC Essential Packages
and Tools.  Add to your PSTEC Toolbox and save through the end of the year by
clicking here...
Happyholidays Stress Release

What An Iconic Goodbye Photo

Returning It was so beautiful, to be together, at the memorial for my auntie. I took this iconic pic of my cousin sending her ash...